Liam A Spinage

Liam is a former philosophy student, former archaeology educator and former police clerk who spends most of his spare time on the beach gazing up at the sky and across the sea while his imagination runs riot. Occasionally, this imagination has been known to spill out onto paper.


We thought the Mare Nostrum was our sea.We were wrong.A mysterious island
An undersea city
The call of adventure…
A weather witch, a fisherman and a mercenary carry a mermaid to the house of a playwright, and unlikely heroes are born.

The Search for farozaina

published in 2023

Some stories are told in the warm light of a merry summer afternoon with echoes of friendly laughter or a single tear shed in compassionate sorrow.These are not those stories.These are tales only whispered of when the sun has set and darkness has descended on the land. Tales told gathered round a warm fire for protection and comfort against the chill of their contents.A deal with the devil. A doomed expedition. The restless dead. Cursed objects. Cosmic horrors beyond mortal comprehension from the depths of the oceans and distant realities. Some will make you shudder. Some will make you think. Some will leave you afraid. Some will leave you contemplating the frailty of existence. These are no ordinary tales, these are...

Tales told at midnight

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